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loll good stuff

shrimpyscallionz responds:

ay lmao

good stuff funny joke. Really good graphics

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kinda boring..

yea.. great animation and .. cute jokes
but you did nthing with the characters..
just dead bodies talking.
not front page worthy.
nice animatin though!

i got an idea

gj man. you are doing good.
how bout spiderman?

DrSkippy responds:

Sure Ill add spiderman to the list.


bad quality
the ending was ok tho

Scotty-Jx responds:

I made this in 2003 or so... I honestly am not even sure how it ends. I do know when it was up on my own website, a few people enjoyed it... although I myself thought it was boreing as all hell.

i loled

good flick man. my buddy just bot the ps3 ima show him this vid.

not bad man

lol@plates dispute.
decent graphics
right now im makin a zombie flick and im gettin some ideas.
hopefully youll check it out when its complete?
i say itl be a week or two more.

UndeadManchester responds:

I shall check it out when its complete

<-- member me?

wasnt aware that you played CS we should scrim someday.. if you dont remeber me think back when the zelda club was the shit.. and we had a big fight.. any leagues? any clans? #masspub on irc..
my alias is Ops.

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wow man!

that touched me lol.. i was on the edge of my seat.. that was a great flash.. it was like a drama/love movie.. but in a nut shell..
the graphics werent the best but i understnad that the movie took a while to make just the way it was.. i mean it was at least 4 minutes long no?
well i give you major props for thinking of somthing like that.. and i like how you didnt show the guy jump off and like blood n guts everywhere.. that was cool of you.
someone said it was predictable.. it kinda was but the whole time i thaught she was gonna cheat on him or somthing.. nice music too, it matched quite well..
keep up the good work man.. im gonna go watch your other movies :D..
thanks again for the suspence n stuff

AloneInTheDark responds:

Thank u for the indepth review. This one took me indeed quite a while to make. Much is done frame by frame. I am not really a fan of violence either. It can be cool if it is used at the right times (like Tarantino or David Fincher can do). But usually it gives the entire thing some sort of cheaper atmosphere.


!@#!@ the nicest online guy.. he will responce to every review and even if the review was bad.. he would still be nice.. i thaught this movie was great.. the music wasnt too bad.. it was odd.. i like odd !@#!........ :D danthi you still kicking? im gonna put this review into every movie of yours so you can answer me.. its been a loo0o0ong ass time since i talked to you.. still no crimson moon 3 huh? well you must be busy then cus i member you working on that a lot "crimson mood 3 40% done" :/ well i hope you get around to part 3 cus this stuff is awsome.. keep in touch man..
Ops - AKA )v(yOpinions........

Danthi responds:

Myopinions! Hey man how are you! Long time no talk.
I worked only about a day on the music, so it’s not as great as the animation.
I am still working on Crimson Moon I still have Ep 2 part 2/3 and 3/3 to finish off first.
Not as much as I hoped (grrr brothers can be anoying...)

only )v(yopinions count, yours are just there

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